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Posted on: September 9, 2008 4:47 pm

The Pats are NOT Done!

The Patriots are not done!  And this is coming from a die-hard Colts fan.  Sure, Tom Brady going down may knock the Pats out of the 'elite' group in the AFC, but, at least in my opinion, they should still win their division.  They no longer have the best QB in their division (obviously Brett Favre, but I wouldn't be surprised to see Matt Cassel surpass either Trent Edwards or Chad Pennington), but they are still arguably the best in their division at every other position (RB may go to the Dolphins if Ronnie Brown is healthy, OL could end up with the Jets if all the new pieces mesh well, and LB is debatable between many teams but i still give the edge to the Pats here).  Peyton Manning is not the Colts, Tom Brady is not the Patriots.  Obviously, being the 2 greatest QB's in the game today, they are HUGE parts of their team, and would/will be sorely missed.  But the QB position isn't the only thing that makes either team great.

So don't try and tell me that a team with Randy Moss, Wes Welker, Laurence Maroney, a great OL, and a top 10 defense isn't going to compete for the playoffs, even with a backup QB at the helm.  Especially when there is a brilliant (albeit total d-bag) coach running the show.  The Pats are still very much alive.

Posted on: July 28, 2008 1:16 pm

Manning vs. Unitas

well my friends, we are down to the last starting roster spot here, and although in my opinion it is far too early to make jedgement on this, the All Time Greatest Colts Team needs a QB, and don't even try to tell me it would be anyone but Johnny Unitas or Peyton Manning.  first, however, let take care of business.

with a much wider margin than i thought, Edgerrin James gets the nod as the Alltime Colts Starting RB.  (Edge - 5, Lenny Moore - 1, Alan Ameche - 1, and Kappa's Sentimental Favorite, Lydell Mitchell - 1).

You all know the routine by now.  We need to fill this last roster spot.

So the question remains, Manning vs. Unitas.  Who will you vote for?

as always, happy voting!

RULES: The way it works is that every Monday, we will vote for the Greatest Colts player at a certain position. The following Monday, I will tally the votes and mark the winner(s) on the below list. In the event of a tie, I will break it using my own humble opinion, because this is my blog and I make the rules haha. Rate players based only on their time with the Colts. For instance, when voting for RB, ignore Marshall Faulk's years in St. Louis, or Edgerrin James's time in Arizona. Feel free/encouraged to look all the way back to the Baltimore Colts. Debate is also encouraged, and if you are changing you vote later in the week, be sure to note this.

All Time Colts Team:
QB - ?
RB - Edgerrin James
WR - Marvin Harrison
WR - Raymond Barry
TE - John Mackey
TE/FB - Ken Dilger
RT - Jim Parker
RG - Alex Sandusky
C - Ray Donaldson
LG - Robert Pratt
LT - Tarik Glenn

DE - Dwight Freeney
DT - Art Donovan
DT - Tony Siragusa
DE - Gino Marchetti
OLB - Duane Bickett
MLB - Jeff Herrod
OLB - Mike Curtis
CB - Eugene Daniel
CB - Bobby Boyd
S - Bob Sanders
S - Rick Volk

K - Mike Vanderjagt
P - Rohn Stark
KR - Clarence Verdin

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