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Posted on: June 23, 2008 2:26 pm

Greatest Colts DL

Ok, the votes stand as follows:  Tackles:  Tarik Glenn (3), Jim Parker, Sam Bell, George Kunz.  Guards:  Alex Sandusky, Glenn Resler, Steve McKinney, Robert Pratt.  Center:  "Buzz" Nuter, Bill Curry, Ray Donaldson, Jeff Saturday

so now it is tiebreaking time.  at tackle tarik glenn gets the easy nod, and jim parker gets the tie breaker because he is in the hall of fame.  not sure how he only got one vote, but oh well.

guards, i actually had to do some research.  stats are as follows:

Alex Sandusky:  13 seasons for the colts, 2 tme nfl champion

Gelnn Resler:   9 seasons for the colts, 2 superbowl appearances (in college football HOF, although that is irrelevant to the nfl)

Steve McKinney:  is active, although he only played 3 seasons for the colts.

Robert Pratt:  7 seasons for the colts (12 total), started at LG for 105 consecutive games during his span with the colts.

it is very hard to find OL stats of any kind other than probowls, and these guards didn't have any that i found.  mckinney's 3 seasons with the colts is not nearly good enough.  to me, however, pratt's 105 games started consecutively is HUGE, and so he gets a spot.  between sandusky and resler, it is a really tough call, simply because i wasn't alive to see either play and i cannot find very much information on either one.  sandusky played 4 more seasons than resler, and as such, he gets the nod from me (i am trusting that since both recieved voets, they were both exceptional players).

now we come to centers, and my information is as follows: 

"Buzz" Nutter: 7 seasons with the colts, 12 overall, 2 time nfl champion, 1 time pro bowler (while not with the colts)

Bill Curry:  5 seasons with the colts, 9 overall, 2 superbowls (only 1 with the colts), once named all-pro center (while with colts).  current georgia state head coach

Ray Donaldson:  12 seasons with the colts, 17 overall, 6 probowls (4 with the colts), first african american center in the nfl, on superbowl appearance (not with the colts)

Jeff Saturday:  10 seasons, all with the colts, 3 pro bowls, 1 superbowl win.  went undrafted only to become the dominant center in the game today.

its pretty clear to me that this is between ray donaldson and jeff saturday.  although i believe that in a few more years the honor will be saturday's, looking at the numbers as they stand at this moment in time, i have to go with ray donaldson.  a 17 year career is incredibly impressive, as are 6 probowls for an OLman.  ask me again in 2 years, and i will likely tell you that it is jeff saturday, but at this second, the honor belongs to ray donaldson.

thus the winners are T - Tarik Glenn and Jim Parker, G - Robert Pratt and Alex Sandusky, and C - Ray Donaldson (honorable mention to Jeff Saturday).  this week, lets keep it in the trenches and focus on the DL, where we will no doubt have a mix of past and present with all time colts sack leader Dwight Freeney as well as HOFer's Art Donovan (DT) and Gino Marchetti (DE), and many other prominant players as well.  (no need to distinguish between RE and LE for these purposes)

happy voting!

RULES: The way it works is that every Monday, we will vote for the Greatest Colts player at a certain position. The following Monday, I will tally the votes and mark the winner(s) on the below list. In the event of a tie, I will break it using my own humble opinion, because this is my blog and I make the rules haha. Rate players based only on their time with the Colts. For instance, when voting for RB, ignore Marshall Faulk's years in St. Louis, or Edgerrin James's time in Arizona. Feel free/encouraged to look all the way back to the Baltimore Colts. Debate is also encouraged, and if you are changing you vote later in the week, be sure to note this.

All Time Colts Team:
QB -
RB -
WR - Marvin Harrison
WR - Raymond Barry
TE -
RT - Jim Parker
RG - Alex Sandusky
C - Ray Donaldson
LG - Robert Pratt
LT - Tarik Glenn

DE - ?
DT - ?
DT - ?
DE - ?
CB - Eugene Daniel
CB - Bobby Boyd
S - Bob Sanders
S - Rick Volk

K -
P -
KR -

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