Posted on: September 28, 2008 5:35 pm

I don't mind losing, but I hate getting robbed!

Husker vs. the Hokies. it was terrible. easily the worst officiating I have ever seen. 28-23 with about 6 minutes remaining. it is 3rd and 2, and Hokies QB Tyrod Taylor is stopped short of the first down marker, meaning that VT will have to punt. that is, until Husker DT Ndamukong Suh is called for an unsportsmanlike conduct late hit out of bounds. A TERRIBLE CALL! Suh had already left his feet and dove at Taylor before Taylor had been pushed out of bounds! what, is he supposed to just stop in midair? anyways, Nebraska Coach Bo Pelini was furious and argued the call, and the refs decided to call a personal foul on him, giving the Hokies the ball within the 10 yard line. now i'm not saying that these ridiculous penalties would have given the huskers the win, but it would have kept the hokies as 28 points instead of 35...and with the way the huskers moved the ball against them late in the game, i dont know.

but thats not even where the terrible officiating ended. they called another unsportsmanlike on Suh after the extra point, and then spotted a ball in bounds and short of the first down line, even though our reciever was knocked out of bounds past the first down line. or when they randomly stopped the play clock to let the hokies run some more time off the clock with under a minute left in the game. or when the hokies punt bounced out of bounds at the 15 with 55 seconds left, but then bounced back in and the refs let the clock run down another 10 seconds and 5 yards...

just pure ridiculousness.

still, the huskers played like crap for the first 3 quarters, which has been a disturbing trend this season...

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