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Posted on: June 30, 2008 2:17 pm

Greatest Colts Special Teamers of All Time

The votes are tallied and stand as follows:

DE:  Dwight Freeney - 3, Gino Marchetti - 2, Bubba Smith - 1, Donnell Thompson - 1.

DT:  Art Donovan - 2, Tony Siragusa - 2, Fred Miller - 1, Jon Hand - 1.

No tie breakers this week.  I kinda like it.  Here are their stats anyways, just because I have free time.  Dwight Freeney:  6 seasons, all with the colts, 3 pro bowls, 1 super bowl, 1 season high sack leader (16), colts all time sack leader (60), 199 tackles, 31 forced fumbles.  Gino Marchetti:  15 seasons (14 with the colts), 11 pro bowls (1963 pro bowl mvp), pro football hall of fame, nfl 75th anniversary team, 1958 lineman of the year, all 1950's team, in 1999 was ranked 15 on sporting news's 100 greatest football players of all time, the second highest DE behind deacon jones, tackles/sacks/fumbles data unavailable, however he played 161 games and was on the all-madden all-milineum team.  Bubba Smith:  9 seasons (first 5 with the colts), first overall pick in the draft, tackles/sacks data unavailable, 4 fumbles recovered.  Donnell Thompson:  11 seasons, all with the colts, 147 games played, 40 sacks.  Art Donovan:  12 seasons (10 with the colts), 5 pro bowls, pro football hall of fame, 1950's all decade team, 138 games, sacks/tackles/fumbles data unavailable.  Tony Siragusa:  12 seasons (7 with the colts), 562 tackles (403 with the colts), 22 sacks (16.5 with the colts), 9 fumbles (5 with the colts), 1 superbowl (not with the colts).  Fred Miller:  10 seasons, all with the colts, 3 pro bowls, tackles/sacks/fumbles data unavailable.  Jon Hand:  9 seasons, all with the colts, 537 tackles, 35.5 sacks, 7 fumbles recovered (1 forced).

had there been a tie between tony siragusa and jon hand, hand would have had it for sure (more seasons, tackles, sacks, and fumbles recovered while with the colts, and more sacks overall with almost as many tackles in 2 fewer seasons).  however, all votes are final, so the winners are:

DE - Dwight Freeney and Gino Marchetti

DT - Art Donovan and Tony Siragusa

for this next week, lets mix it up and go with special teams.  vote for one kicker, one punter, and one KR.  remember to ignore Adam Vinatieri's time in NE.  Only what the players did with the colts matters.  pro-football-reference.com is a good resource for this type of research.

happy voting!

RULES: The way it works is that every Monday, we will vote for the Greatest Colts player at a certain position. The following Monday, I will tally the votes and mark the winner(s) on the below list. In the event of a tie, I will break it using my own humble opinion, because this is my blog and I make the rules haha. Rate players based only on their time with the Colts. For instance, when voting for RB, ignore Marshall Faulk's years in St. Louis, or Edgerrin James's time in Arizona. Feel free/encouraged to look all the way back to the Baltimore Colts. Debate is also encouraged, and if you are changing you vote later in the week, be sure to note this.

All Time Colts Team:
QB -
RB -
WR - Marvin Harrison
WR - Raymond Barry
TE -
RT - Jim Parker
RG - Alex Sandusky
C - Ray Donaldson
LG - Robert Pratt
LT - Tarik Glenn

DE - Dwight Freeney
DT - Art Donovan
DT - Tony Siragusa
DE - Gino Marchetti

CB - Eugene Daniel
CB - Bobby Boyd
S - Bob Sanders
S - Rick Volk

K - ?
P - ?
KR - ?

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