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Posted on: June 12, 2008 5:09 pm

Possible Pacers Trades?

well, i think it is time to expand my blog to the Pacers, who have a roster full of expendable players.  the current FO plan is to build around Danny Granger and Mike Dunleavy, meaning Jamaal Tinsley and possibly jermaine o'neal are big trade bait this offseason.  with that said, i have a couple of ideas, trying to make them fairly feasible.

Trade Scenario 1:

IND gets: Anderson Varejao and either Clevelands 1st round pick or Delonte West

CLE gets:  Jamaal Tinsley

Reasoning:  Cleveland needs to prove to LeBron James that they are commited to winning if they want to hold on to him once his contract is up (seeing as donnie walsh is trying to position the Knicks into place to snatch him away).  Trading for a pass first PG in Tinsley would be a step in the right direction, as he would take pressure off of lebron and help open up more shots for him.  Cleveland is willing to take a risk on the injury prone PG for two big reasons:  1.  when healthy, he is one of the best in the league, and 2.  they are buying when his value is low, and giving up little in return.  Varejao doesn't want to play in CLE anymore, and hence signed his current deal with the Bobcats, but CLE matched his contract.

Other Options:  CLE would also likely be interested in getting JO, as he would become one of the best second options in the league.  he would combine the offense of zyrudnas ilglaskas with the defense of ben wallce.  the problem here is that for the contracts to balance out, CLE would have to send at least 1 of 4 players on their roster to the pacers:  lebron james, Wally Szczerbiak, ben wallce, or big z.  obviously james isn't going anywhere.  Ben Wallace would be a bad idea because of the bad blood between him and the pacers organization as a whole following the brawl.  plus he has a huge, long contract that the pacers dont want.  wally would be a better option than big z for 2 reasons:  1.  big z is an all offense player with a big long contract.  the pacers already have two of those in mike dunleavy and Troy Murphy, and 2.  wally's contract is up after next season, giving the pacers a lot of cap felxibility.  however, i don't think that wally is tradable for CLE because they will need that cap room to resign lebron.  imagine if wally were traded, they would have 3 pf/c's getting paid between $55-60 million between the 3 of them, which doesn't leave much money for other players, including lebron.

also in this scenario:

IND gets:  Kirk Hinrich, Tyrus Thomas, Thabo Sefolosha, cash considerations, and a conditional 2010 first round pick

CHI gets:  Jermaine O'neal

Reasoning:  obviously this is assuming that the Bulls are planning on taking rose with the first overall pick, meaning they will be shopping kirk hinrich for the best they can get for him, which very well could be JO.  thomas is added because the pacers will need a big man to replace JO, and he will be part of the mix (along with newly aquired anderson varejao and current players Jeff Foster, troy murphy, and Ike Diogu).  sefolosha is added on long term potential and (more importantly to be honest) for contract balance.  the cash is around $3mil, still leaving the bulls short of JO's contract but within % allowable.  the draft pick is conditional on how JO produces for the bulls over the next two years.

Other options:  kirk hinrich and Drew Gooden (and $2mil cash) for JO.  this is more attractive if the pacers believe they will be competitive next season, but if they are fully committed to rebuilding, the first option is the way to go.
Pacers Roster after Scenario 1:

PG - hinrich, west, diener, murray

SG - dunleavy, daniels, west (rush not resigned)

SF - granger, williams, daniels, graham

PF - varejao, thomas, diogu

C - foster/murphy (depending on matchup)


Scenario 2:  (ok, this one got a little bit too fantastic, but i think it does help each team so i will still post it in spite of that)

IND gets:  Shawn Marion, Josh Howard, TJ Ford

DAL gets:  Jermaine O'neal

TOR gets:  Mike Dunleavy, Erick Dampier, Marcus Banks, Dallas's 1st Round Pick

MIA gets:  Jamaal Tinsley, Shawne Williams, Rasho Nesterovic, Anthony Parker, Indiana's 1st Round pick (11th), performance-conditional Pacers 1st round pick in 2011 (based on Marion's performance)

Reasoning:  well i believe that this does help every team involved, and here is why.  DAL coach rick carlisle is reunited with JO, who had his best years playing in carlisle's offense in IND.  DAL gains a low post threat to go alongside of Dirk (who is basically a really tall SF anyways).  Other teams are involved because IND says no to Jason Terry and erick dampier, the other 2 contracts needed to balance out JO's with josh howard's.  TOR gets the offense it needs in mike dunleavy, and clarifies it's PG situation by saying goodbye to TJ Ford.  Erick Dampier is an upgrade over Rasho, and they manage to pick up a backup PG in marcus banks, as well as a late 1st round pick.  MIA misses out on the PG they need in derrick rose, so they trade for jamaal tinsley to compliment DWade.  They gain future cap flexibility in Rasho, as well as SF depth/potential in Shawne Williams and Anthony Parker, seeing as Ricky Davis will likely not be resigned.  They gain another top 15 pick in this years draft, helping them reload with young talent around Dwayne wade and jamaal tinsley, while keeping their salary cap down to allow them to attract potential FA's like Elton Brand this offseason or Chris Bosh down the road.  IND had the lowest attendance in the NBA last season, and this is a ticket selling lineup of quick players who can run the floor and score.  they get their superstar in marion and josh howard shifts to SG with danny granger at SF, keeping marion at PF.

Pacers lineup:

PG - ford, diener, murray

SG - howard, daniels, rush

SF - granger, daniels, graham

PF - marion, diogu

C - foster, murphy (foster starts over murphy to add defensive stability to the lineup)


Scenario 3:  (a toned down version of Scenario 2)

IND gets:  Randy Foye, Craig Smith (Sign and trade @ around $5mil/year), Antoine Walker, Cash Considerations, and this years 3rd overall pick

DAL gets:  Jermaine O'neal

MIN gets:  Josh Howard and Jason Terry

Reasoning:  Unless Mike Dunleavy is moved, Josh Howard doesn't make sense as a Pacer, and the combo of Jason Terry and Erick Dampier isn't enough to pry JO from Indiana.  Thus MIN gets involved, being a team in need of a SF (and a good second option behind Al Jefferson).  Jason Terry provides veteran leadership to this young, promising team.  IND gets 3 prospects in Foye, Smith, and whoever they take with the number 3 pick (plus their very own pick at 11), as well as Walker, whose 4 year ramaining contract has a team option at the end of next season, meaning it is basically up.  Hence they gain the cap flexibility to resign young star Danny Granger to a long term deal.  NOTE:  This would be a draft night trade, as MIN will not trade the no.3 pick with MIA reportedly thinking about OJ Mayo instead of Michael Beasley.  if beasley is somehow still available at 3, this trade goes away.

also in this scenario:

IND gets:  Malik Rose, This years No. 6 pick, NY's 2010 first round pick

NY gets:  Jamaal Tinsley, This years No. 11 pick.

Reasoning:  preferably IND would get the No. 6 and Rose for JT straight up, as rose will be riding the bottom of the depth chart until his $7.2mil is up.  however, as it is a top 6 pick, NY won't trade out of it completely, but will instead insist on trading down to 11, in which case IND will acquire a future first round pick (2010 in this case).

IND lineup:

pg - foye, diener, murray

sg - dunleavy, foye, rush

sf - granger, daniels, williams

pf - smith, diogu, williams, rose

c - foster, murphy, rose


Scenario 4:

IND gets:  Stephon Marbury, David Lee, Nate Robinson, Jerome James, $3mil in cash, This year's No. 6 pick, next year's first round pick

NY gets:  Jermaine O'neal, Jamaal Tinsley

Reasoning:  Marbury and James immediately recieve buyouts, meaning that IND is essentially getting lee, robinson, and 2 first rounder's, putting them into a full blown rebuilding mode.  NY dumps 2 hated players with huge contracts and sports a lineup of JT, crawford, rishardson, randolph and JO, moving them closer to the right track.

Simulated Draft:  Chi - Derrick rose, Mia - michael beasley, Min - brook lopez, Sea - Jerryd Bayless, Mem - OJ Mayo, IND trades down to MIL, who picks Danillo Gallinari, LAC - Eric Gordon, IND (in MIL spot) - Russell Westbrook, CHA - DJ Augustin, NJ - Joe Alexander, IND - DeAndre Jordan

Reasoning for IND picks:  MIL needs a SF, and with Gallinari still on the board at 6, they leapfrog LAC to get him.  IND trades down and gets the guy they want, plus cash considerations (as they are in need of $$$ after buying out marbury and james).  at 11, they are willing to take a gamble on DeAndre Jordan, who has superstar potential but is extremely raw, because they have enough talent at C that they won't need to rush him into playing time, but can let him sit and develop (D-league perhaps even).  plus, lee is the perfect complimentary big man to a superstar C, which jordan has the potential to be.

IND lineup (not including draft picks):

pg - robinson, westbrook, diener, murray

sg - dunleavy, daniels, westbrook, rush

sf - granger, williams, graham

pf - lee, diogu

c - murphy, foster (foster comes off the bench because he is similar to lee), jordan


well, thats all for now.  i'm pretty sure that was a ridiculously long post, so congratulations on reading the entire thing (unless you just jumped to the end...loser...)

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