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Posted on: June 9, 2008 10:32 am

Greatest Wide Recievers in Colts History!

Well, the votes for CB have been tallied, and the results stand as follows:  Eugene Daniel - 3, Bobby Boyd - 2, Ray Buchanon - 2, Nick Harper - 1, Tom Curtis - 1, and Jim Dunkin - 1.  Again, there is a tie for the second spot, so I must bust out my "personal wisdom" to break the tie.  This one was a pretty quick decision for me, as Bobby Boyd is the franchise leader in INT's and Ray Buchanon only played 4 years with the ColtsAs such, the winners are Eugene Daniel and Bobby Boyd!

Alright, well lets move over to the offensive side of the ball and make things a little more interesting and go with Wide Receiver.  I expect this will be a tough one, seeing as the Colts have two of the best WR's in recent years in Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne, but have also had many, many great Wideouts on their past teams (Bill Brooks and Hall of Famer Raymond Berry to name a few).

RULES: The way it works is that every Monday, we will vote for the Greatest Colts player at a certain position. The following Monday, I will tally the votes and mark the winner(s) on the below list. In the event of a tie, I will break it using my own humble opinion, because this is my blog and I make the rules haha. Rate players based only on their time with the Colts. For instance, when voting for RB, ignore Marshall Faulk's years in St. Louis, or Edgerrin James's time in Arizona. Feel free/encouraged to look all the way back to the Baltimore Colts. Debate is also encouraged, and if you are changing you vote later in the week, be sure to note this.

All Time Colts Team:
QB -
RB -
WR - ?
WR - ?
TE -
RT -
RG -
C -
LG -
LT -

DE -
DT -
DT -
DE -
CB - Eugene Daniel
CB - Bobby Boyd
S - Bob Sanders
S - Rick Volk

K -
P -
KR -
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